AD will not Open

NEW install on a brand new NUC i7 with Windows Pro 10. AD 1.9 will not play. Sometimes it will not open. I have Roon running on the same system and it plays and runs all the time.

When I say does not play it says it’s playing but no AUDIO plays from the output source.

Also, why can we not control AD from a Windows PC as a remote control?

Paste the debug info here.

There is only a remote app for mobile devices (Android and IOS), not for Windows and Mac.

Regarding your problem with AS:

I have the same NUC as you do and on my system Audirvana Studio works perfectly. There must me something incompatible in your system (Drivers?, Soundcard?, corrupt AS database?, Internet connection problem? Wrong setting?). As @bitracer already said, you will need to provide the debug info, otherwise nobody on this forum knows whats wrong with your system.

In Audirvana go to Settings\My Account and click on ‘Debug Info’. The Debug info will now be copied to your clipboard. You can paste it in your answer here (right click ‘Paste’ or Ctrl-V).

Assuming that I can get it back open I will get debug info. Unfortunately, one of the times it opened but did not play it would not let me connect to settings.

As for the remote…yes I know, I was just saying that it would be nice for windows to be able to control it. I use a surface pro 7 as a remote for Roon.

One way around the remote is to install an Android emulator on your surface pro (Bluestacks or similar) and then install the Audirvana Android remote in that :grin:. Bluestacks is free (and the Audirvana remote too).

Here is a link to emulators:
15 best Android emulators for PC and Mac of 2021 - Android Authority

Also the database file of AS can be corrupt, maybe that is the reason it won’t start. Search on the local drive on your NUC (I assume the C: drive) for the file ‘AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite’. It will probably (from the top of my head) be somewhere in your user directory (\Users\YourName\Local\appdata\Audirvana). But the best thing you can do is simply search for the filename in Windows file explorer.
If you have found it delete it (or rename it) and try to start Audirvana again.

When you have this behavior, can you open your task manager to see if Audirvāna Studio is not in background?

Thank you…I will try that tomorrow

no…it is not running. it will start in task manager then stop

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