Add a shortcut button to search ARTIST description on internet

Add a shortcut button on the AUDIRVANA to search ARTIST description on internet. This compliment the similar feature on tidal even though AUDIRVANA dont directly display it on the software.

In fact it is one of Audirvanas shortcomings: Displaying more inormation about albums, tracks, artists and the like.
Perhaps a task for Audirvana v3 :innocent:


I hope this will work for Origin too🙏🏻

@Antoine I would like to briefly describe how I used to listen to music. I put on a vinyl, sat down comfortably, listened to the music - and then took the record sleeve to have all the information about the album and band in front of me.

That’s also what I love about Roon, for example (which I don’t use for various reasons): I have all kinds of info about the music at my fingertips. Plexamp and the good old LMS also offer a lot here.

So it would be nice if Audirvana would improve in this respect.

I wish everyone a happy new year with lots of positive surprises!

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I probably not the only one who resides in a country which is not their native language, most of my artist/album information is in German with no way of changing this.
Would be nice if the information could be ‘country/language’ selectable.

I found this works, select album in audirvana, start playing, switch to browser, type album name in wikepedia search, read away to your hearts content.

edit: And, you can translate to your language of choice using any number of browser plugins…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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