Add an album at the end of current playing queue

Hi all,
I am currently running Audirvana 3.5.44 on Windows with Qobuz Streaming service.
When the playing queue is created and running, I can:

  • From the “Albums” view with albums covers, play the album now or add it at the end of the queue => OK
  • From the “Inside the Album” view with its track list, I can play the Album now by clicking on the Play |> button on the first track, or add the tracks one by one at the end of of the queue.

I would like to add the full album at the end of the queue (e.g. like in Sonos App), we may for instance add |> and … on the cover of the album (top left corner).

Am I missing somethiing ?

Thanks for your help

Hello @Lyrian,

This possibility is not currently available but it has been requested by some users so we are taking a look at it for a future update of Audirvana.

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