Add Chromecast support

Please add Chromecast support. It’s a good alternative to the UPnP, especially when there are issues with it.


Big kick, but yes I agree. I’ve bought a set of Harman Kardon Citation One Duo speakers. I’ve set them up with Google Home on my iPhone as a Chromecast group so they can play as a stereo set. And both Roon and the Chrome browsers on my systems connect to it successfully. Audirvana on the other hand won’t recognize it.

Neither does Audirvana recognize the speakers at all. Even though my MacBooks both see the speakers as 2 separate AirPlay devices.

Could this feature be added to Studio/Origin?

I can see where you’re both coming from, but this is merely a workaround to a greater problem, namely that AS is really not very good at playing via UPnP, whereas other software doesn’t appear to have the same problems.
Also let’s not forget the 24/96 Chromecast limitation.

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Well, to really resolve the UPnP issues Audirvana will probably have to implement full blown UPnP server solution with all the workarounds for various funky manufacturer implementations. At that point it might make more sense to bundle Minim or some well known implementation and morph Audirvana into a control point software when working with UPnP.

Chromecast is utilitarian solution, it won’t satisfy the audiophiles, but it will allow you to play to a growing number of small speakers that support Chromecast. In that scenario, 24/96 is more than adequate.

Well, JRiver always played nicely with my Arcam amp and old Cyrus Streamer, as did Minimserver/BubbleUPnP. Studio’s USB connection appears to work well so a server (LAN) coupled with it’s USB capability (IF they both worked) would be a no-brainer in my opinion.

They’ve been doing this for like forever. In addition to that, most of the manufacturers are testing against those backends. This endpoint thing is something that became popular in the last few years.

I’m not against Audirvana bundling a UPnP server and becoming a control point software for UPnP. This is one functionality that I missed from JRiver. Minim is a good candidate for bundling.

The trend is going in the opposite direction though, you see the rise of the endpoints with minimal logic on the endpoint instead of monolithic software stacks. Look at Roon Ready, AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and to some extent UPnP limited to the renderer functionality.

Dang dodgy junkyard audio gear :roll_eyes:

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Yeah I know mate- that dodgy Arcam and Cyrus kit. Absolute rubbish :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m not bashing your kit, I’m also an Arcam customer. It’s just that the UPnP specification is vast and goes beyond audio. It’s understandable that the manufacturers are implementing just a subset of the specification. It might be perfectly enough with JRiver, but not with Audirvana. That’s just life.

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You should use that crap kit as a doorstop, I’m gonna jam a pencil into that useless Ethernet socket and snap it off…………show it who’s the boss. :wink:

I know @bitracer, sorry mate, just yanking your chain (it’s long past beer o’clock after all) :+1:


No offence taken. Maybe because I’m holding a cold glass of beer in my hand and listening to some good music. :wink:

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This is why we sent @bitracer to Audirvāna world headquarters, he’ll get to the point :+1:t2:

Just returned from Paris. Must admit that I was thinking about visiting the Audirvana offices. Wasn’t sure how they would take it, plus don’t think my wife would have understood that. She was quite keen on exploring Paris. :slight_smile: Family life…

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Hope you and the family had a fab time :blush:

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It was really great. I can understand how Paris and France in general can make you appreciate finer things in life (like music).

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I don’t want Audirvana Studio to go the way of ROON, etc, and compromise it’s playback sound-quality in doing so… Why bother? It’s like taking a Formula-E car and dumbing it down to be a daily driver for better milage around town…

It’s an interesting comparison. Convenience is a king, I guess.

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:notes: :eye: :headphones: :eye: :notes:@bitracer

Isn’t convenience contextual in relevance?

Isn’t a computer running a relatively inexpensive high-performance audio-engine called Audirvana Studio, connected to almost any reasonably high-quality DAC (or very high-quality DAC), providing very high-quality audio playback performance, an extremely convenient scenario? When one may already have a computer capable of supporting this very high-quality Audirvana Studio audio playback, and not having to purchase yet another vertically integrated playback device to get this quality of sound in playback.?

If you only have a listing area consisting of less than a headphone cable length you would be correct, if you have multiple rooms in your home perhaps you might need a network solution for music playback. Properly done network playback is not a compromise in quality at all.

Now you get back into your faraday cage :wink:

Edit: I can remember as a small child that the telephone and telegraph systems tethered by cables. Can you imagine your telephone having to be in one room only? Crazy old fashioned technology!

“ Yes my MQA light is Magenta now, it’s so hi-rez !