Add/Delete Playlist not provided by Remote

Hi, I want discuss or suggest this Playlist thing on Remote, also main Audirvana.

First, delete single track from playlist on Remote is working.
But there is no way to delete single playlist even if I delete all tracks on it. It left just empty playlist.
I can delete playlist itself on Windows Audirvana but not on Remote. Is it just omitted or by intention?

Second, there is no playlist refresh function on the Remote nor on Windows Audirvana.
But I have to delete one, then it refreshed on Windows, after that, I have to refresh Remote by hold down list and wait a seconds for see circling icon, then release touch, list refreshed.
I add or delete playlist, or add/delete tracks on Playlist from Tidal/Qobuz app itself, and I understand that Audirvana will now aware of newly added or deleted playlist or modified Playlist externally so I want refresh it but no way to do it.
There is two way of refresh this list, exit Audirvana and restart, or delete/add playlist on Audirvana itself. I want one “Refresh” button like on the Local library. If this also implemented on Remote, it would be very nice.

Beta iOS build number 148 is just updated today. It said there is couple bug fix and improve reconnect, so what I’ve written here, the first thing about reconnect could be solved, I just test few times, it reconnect automatically. Will test more with longer period sleep stat, and report result here. Good job, Audirvana.

1 kill, more left. Maybe more to come(I hope not to!) :wink:

Edit : Success ratio of automatic reconnect to recent server is almost 70%. Sometimes I have to select server manually, or just stop remote app by swipe up from task list, and run again. Test result from 2 days use.

Hi @vcastceo,

You can remove the playlist by going into the playlist in the Remote, then you have the option in the … button to remove the playlist.

Are you already displaying the playlist in the Remote when you add the tracks in it using TIDAL/Qobuz’s own app?

No, there is no playlist delete option on … button on Remote. Neither track in the playlist alone. See the picture:

But yes, there is delete option for playlist selection screen on windows Audirvana but not in Remote. Also there is single track delete option in playlist-track list, but not in Remote.

As you can see, there is no way to delete track or whole playlist itself with Remote alone. I have to have access Windows Audirvana when I need it.

No, I’m not even run Remote, it terminated by swipe up from playlist.
But of course, main Audirvana program is running. I hope it can run without any intervention from user for 24/7/365 except program update.

I don’t expect auto refersh function on Windows(MacOS) or remote Audirvana itself, rather, I want at least manual refresh button for synchronize externally added/deleted/modified playlist to Audirvana itself. And if possible, by Remote itself as well. Otherwise, I have to exit and restart Windows(MacOS) Audirvana, and after that, I can refresh playlist or also need restart Remote in order to synchronize updated playlists.

This can be done when you select edit in the … menu

I see, It’s possible to do it with a playlist in the My Playlist section the Remote but not in the case of Streaming playlists. I need to ask our dev to fix this.

can you do a screen record when you reproduce this and send it to On my side with the beta update, even if I swipe the Remote and add a track to a Qobuz playlist, I can see the change in the Remote when I open it back.

Ok, it is only for local playlist, I just test it and it worked. But not streaming playlist(it is what I’ve asked all the time :sweat_smile:). If it fix, will be nice to edit/add/delete both local and streaming playlists within Remote!
I understand it’s limitation that local track can’t be added on streaming playlist of course and vice versa…

Second thing about screen recording, let me have some time to do it…

But you said your beta remote is refreshed when run it again… that is under condition that “if main Audirvana is refreshed”, right?
So even if Remote is terminated, main AS is still running, using Qobuz/Tidal app to add/delete/edit some playlist on its service, it means “Externally”, surely main AS will not refreshed until restart AS again. So without AS get this “Externally” modified list, there is no way Remote alone will get modified list from streaming sources… this is what I believe. Isn’t it?

If it’s a Qobuz/TIDAL-only playlist, you can’t add local tracks. However, if it’s an Audirvāna manual playlist, you can add local and streaming tracks to it :wink:

In the case of adding/removing tracks in a playlist, those should be here without a restart of Audirvāna Studio. However for a playlist removal or addition, you may need to restart the software.

Yes… that is what I’ve been asking…

So hopefully, there is 2 possibilities:

  1. Delete option for streaming playlist and it’s track… with Remote alone.
  2. Manual refresh button for sync externally modified/added/deleted streaming playlist or contained tracks, from Main Audirvana in order to not to restart program… and if possible, from Remote as well, will be very nice point!

All is suggestion, and hope. If these added on both AR and RM, will be very appreciated… for near future, or next release, or next next release… :grin:

If the refresh is done in software on the computer, it must also appear in the Remote :wink:

Yes, but refresh from Remote instead of Audirvana on PC will be very handy. :slight_smile:
I want this PC to be minimum maintained… currently it is without monitor, keyboard, mouse. Just connect it by VNC remote. So, if can do things with Remote alone, will be very, very nice!