Add Entire Album to Queue on Remote?

Just downloaded the updated remote app. Love it, except. . . I can’t seem to add an entire album to the play queue. The only options are: Play Album, Play Album Next (which kills the existing queue), Add Album to Favourites, and Show Artist.

“Add to Play Queue” is an option for individual tracks, but not albums. Am I missing something?

Hi. If you open the app, you have “Preferences” in the right down corner. There you may manage it. You may set, that a double tipp on an album may place the whole album at the end of your play list.

Hope this is what you want
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On mine (iOS) there is an option for tracks to add to the queue with a tap. No double tap options, and still no add album to queue.

Thanks for trying. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi. I try to make a small “how to” manual. I’m also on iOS 13.1.3, Audirvana is running on Mac with macOS Catalina.

Open your app and tap settings

Chance the default track tap action

Go to your album list. Choose an album > I do it with Albert King in my sample

Double tap at the album picture

Do the same with a other album

On my mac > we start with an empty play list

After the first album added

After the second album added

On the iPhone app

So, it works or I tell you strange things, cause I did not get your question :slight_smile: :scream:

Hop to give you a good day with good music on your sofa, controled directly from you iPhone


Ok, that works. I wish I didn’t have to give up the functionality of single tapping tracks to play immediately, but I’ll get used to it.

In future versions I’d love it if “Add to queue” was added back to the “…” menu for albums.

Thanks for your help.

Yes please bring back the “add to queue” to the “…” menu for albums, I used it all the time to quickly set up music for my workday. I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when I saw it was gone after upgrading.