Add Folders in Audirvana Windows 10 only accept sub folders of "music" on Synology

I can in Audirvana on Windows 10 only add subfolders of the music folder of my Synology NAS.
In Add Folders I can navigate to Network -> DISKSTATION -> music, but when I select music and confirm with OK the music folder is not added.
When I go to a subfolder (for example) Network -> DISKSTATION -> music -> My HDTracks Music, and select this folder and confirm with OK the My HDTracks Music folder is added in Library.
Is this a known issue ?
How can I solve this problem ?
Thanks for any help.

Hello, have you tried to map your folder in Windows 10 as suggested by Synology?

Thanks. Map the Folder works.

The link goes to a outdated instruction.
I Googled on “map a folder in windows 10” and read the Microsoft instruction “Map a network drive in Windows 10”.

I map the folder location, Network -> DISKSTATION -> music, to Z:

After the map of the folder, I can in Add Folders navigate to This PC -> music (\DiskStation) (Z:) and after selecting music (\DiskStation) (Z:) and confirm with OK the music folder is added as \\DiskStation\music\

Thanks very much for your fast response that solved the problem.

Succes with Audirvana a great audio program.

Greetings, Nieko.

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