Add music to local library only shows "Desktop" folder

Windows 11
Under “Add music to my Audirvana local library” the only folder available in the “Browse for Folder” dialog box is “Desktop”.

That is a known Microsoft OneDrive problem. The solution is in the link below:

Latest version of Audirvana Studio can’t see local files - Studio / Local library - Audirvana

Quote from the link:

Thanks for the reply. OneDrive was indeed the problem. On investigation I noticed that the Desktop folder Audirvana was seeing was the synced folder on OneDrive - I think this must have set when I reinstalled Windows. Looks like this has caused multiple problems. This fix on the MS website worked and I’m now able to sync all my local folders. Thanks again for your help it’s, good to know there many happy Windows users

Can’t stop syncing folder - Microsoft Community

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It would appear that a fair-few users are having this problem.
May be an idea to make it a sticky on the forum homepage, as with the ‘too many installations’ error?

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I fully agree. @Antoine make it sticky?


Thanks Andy, that has fixed it.

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As soon as you can see “Microsoft” somewhere, you have the guarantee that problems will follow.
Last friday I wasted 3 hours trying to understand why I could not access to a Word file in Sharepoint.
Deadline for delivery was very close: we ended using the old way!
Ambitious promises, poor delivery and almost no support.

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The amount of Audirvana issues on MacOS and on Windows are roughly the same on this forum. I think it is all in the subjective eye of the beholder :smile:

Also if you look on a forum as MacRumors, the amount of problems with Macs and MacOS seem astonishing.
Likewise if you look on a Microsoft Windows forum, the amount of problems with Windows seem astonishing.

The problem is that on forums people mostly report anecdotal problems and all the positives are taken for granted. The same happens on this forum.

It all boils down to taste, the right tool for the job and what people are used to. Both operating systems are very capable and both have their pro’s and cons. The days of Microsoft being the boogyman and Apple being the nice symphathetic underdog are long gone. Both are faceless mega corporations now.
Trying to get support from both is like interacting with a concrete wall and plowing through miles of red tape. Both do ambitious promises they don’t keep and both have poor delivery on many aspects. Both also do promises they can keep and both also have good delivery on many aspects.

I have to deal with both for my work and I can honestly say that the words ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Apple’ both guarantee that problems can follow, but also both guarantee that 99% of the time work can be done. I can think of lots of anecdotal problems with all operating systems I have to deal with, but I try to never generalize that to a common norm. All are usefull tools depending on the job.

Sounds like I am preaching here. I am getting of my pulpit now :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :wink: I will try to restrain myself the next time :smile: :joy:


Hi @AndyLubke,

Indeed I have also more people asking me for this by mail, I will need to put it on the header on the forum so It will be seen more easily.


Great idea.
Wish I’d thought of it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Maybe next time mate, but no worries plenty won’t see it or use the search function.

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