Add saved Playlists to the Playback-list [WINDOWS]

How is it possible to add a bookmarked playlist (from TIDAL for example) to the playback list so it will be played continuously? Right now I can only select the playlist from the left-hand shelf and click on one of the big album icons to playback a single song of the playlist. How can I add the entire playlist for successive playback?

When viewing a playlist as albums, you have a “Play all” button in the header of the playlist view.

Hi Damien,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I still can’t find the button you describe. When I select a Playlist on the side bar and display it as ‘Albums’ I can hover over the covers and a play-button appears. If I push the play button, the selected song will be added to the playback-list. This is not the case with the icon in the playlist-header, which I would assume it to be, according to the UX. Neither can I find any other button to add the whole list.



The only way I found to add a whole playlist: select the saved list, switch to ‘Title’, select all titles in the list and add them to the playback-list with the context menu.

You saved Christmas morning, thank you @Andreas! I can’t believe there is a “Play All” button on playlists from online services but not on your local ones. Pretty major oversight … I hope I don’t run into too many more of those as I’m less than 12 hours into the trial and already mentally budgeting to be able to buy the software when the trial is up … but a few more major things like that and I’ll be looking at alternatives :-/

Hello @Hyacin, actually this feature have been implemented, all you have to do is going in your playlist and in the Album view you will see the button :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks, yes, I did find it subsequent to this, but at the time I’m glad I found this work-around which was all I could do from the other view :slight_smile: