Add saved Playlists to the Playback-list [WINDOWS]

How is it possible to add a bookmarked playlist (from TIDAL for example) to the playback list so it will be played continuously? Right now I can only select the playlist from the left-hand shelf and click on one of the big album icons to playback a single song of the playlist. How can I add the entire playlist for successive playback?

When viewing a playlist as albums, you have a “Play all” button in the header of the playlist view.

Hi Damien,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I still can’t find the button you describe. When I select a Playlist on the side bar and display it as ‘Albums’ I can hover over the covers and a play-button appears. If I push the play button, the selected song will be added to the playback-list. This is not the case with the icon in the playlist-header, which I would assume it to be, according to the UX. Neither can I find any other button to add the whole list.



The only way I found to add a whole playlist: select the saved list, switch to ‘Title’, select all titles in the list and add them to the playback-list with the context menu.