Add song to Qobuz Playlist

I have a Qobuz subscription.
I do a search for a song. Pull up Qobuz songs. Click the 3 dots so I can add to my Qobuz playlists and they dont show up.

Also Qobuz playlists do not show up under Qobuz on the left panel, instead they show up in ‘My Music’ under 'My Playlists"

Hi @djhitman I believe you will find that if you click the 3 dots when in search you will only get the option to save in Local Playlists. If you click on the album and then click the 3 dots on the album (to save the whole album to a playlist) or the 3 dots on a song on the album (to just save that song to a playlist) you will find that the Qobuz Playlist options at the very bottom of the list as per this screenshot. Click on Qobuz and all Qobuz Playlist options will show in the List.

The other option is to click the playlist navigator button on the top toolbar to open all playlists, Local then Qobuz. This will allow you to see all your playlists. You can still use the 3 buttons, or you can simply drag and drop your Song/Album selection on to the playlist of your choice.

Hope this helps you.

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