Add to "my music" shortcut in Artist library view

The artist view seems to be the only one featuring no option. It’d be great to have some, such as the “…” menu to add an artist to a playlist. But what’s really missing in my opinion is the “heart” icon to add the artist to the “My Music”'s Artist list without having to get to the artist’s discography to click it.
I don’t know if it’s better to be always visible (like next to the “house” icon — which is by the way not very relevant on Origins) for a quick way to know what’s favourite and what’s not and quick action, or just when “hovering” for a cleaner view but less convenient.

Anyway, that’s a missing UI feature :relaxed:

Thanks !

Hi @Yohmi, this is something we could do I guess since you already have those option for an album :wink:

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