Adding categorie "genres" next to albums & artists

surely this has been already submitted, but we need this

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You can easily create smart playlists for Genre…

So the suggestion is to make a playlist for each and every genre? It would be much easier to do as suggested above and allow library browsing starting with Genre. I have around 50 different genres, making 50 separate smart playlists seems inefficient.

Something like “genre > artist > album > track” would be very helpful.


Have you tried to sort your Album library by Genre and then if you are on MacOS Group by Genre?

I will give it a try.

I mostly control the software with the app on my phone, it works great and is very responsive, but the sorting functionality leaves a lot to be desired IMO.

Thanks for your help

I don’t understand what you mean. How can I do this? – But there remains a very important question: why is there no GENRE filter? I don’t want a workaround :frowning: A Genre filter is essential to me

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