Adding Deezer Hifi

Just wondering if we might be able to have Deezer added as a streaming service in the future?

Hello @tino66, this steaming service integration have been requested by many user. Unfortunately we can’t give you any information regarding this.

Hi, It would be great if Audirvana make access to DEEZER HIFI on own Stream Service. Thanks

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@Antoine Maybe you should merge all Deezer related threads into one and move it to the User Voice forum, so interested users could vote there. I have found these threads so far:

The two related ideas in the Deezer community have 39 votes on the French and 27 votes on the English forum now:

@hans-juergen you are right, I’ll do it right away

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I would love Deezer to be included.

Sure. The current issue comes from Deezer that is not willing to open access to anything other than hardware players.
Don’t hesitate to tell Deezer their HiFi offer will benefit from being played from Audirvana Plus. In addition, it won’t ask them any work to do it, all the integration work is on my side. And I estimate it to be a single week task.

There are two threads that have been initiated by some users on Deezer suggestions forum. Don’t hesitate to vote for the Audirvana Plus integration, and be vocal there:
In English:
In French:

Added a link to this thread in the English support forum thread on Deezer’s community, as I also would like to see a Deezer integration.

Are new users not allowed to edit their postings? I had to delete my first one because of a typo.

Just wondering if we might be able to have Deezer added as a streaming service in the future? I understand Tidal is pretty good itself, but I’ve used Deezer for about a year and a half now and have a huge library built up I’d love to be able to hear. Thanks!

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Abonné Qobuz depuis plusieurs années je me tâte pour passer à la concurrence, lassé notamment par les difficultés régulières de connections aux serveur Qobuz
Est-il prévu d’intégrer à audirvana plus le service Deezer Hifi ?

La difficulté vient de Deezer qui ne voit pas l’intérêt d’être intégré un lecteur logiciel.
N’hésitez pas à demander à Deezer l’intégration dans Audirvana Plus.
En plus, ils n’auront rien à faire, tout le travail d’intégration est à réaliser de mon côté. Et j’estime que ça me prendra une seule semaine.

Un autre utilisateur a créé un fil sur le forum de suggestions de Deezer. N’hésitez pas à le soutenir massivement en votant pour cette suggestion, et en écrivant sur ce fil, ou tout autre forum lu par Deezer:


Bonjour Damien,
Apparement Deezer aurait refusé cette intégration, pouvez-vous nous en dire plus ?

Please integrate DEEZER HIFI.

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I used Deezer after I cancelled Amazon Music.
Deezer is not bad in itself.
I was satisfied with it.
The music I could use offline didn’t need much memory.

I knew my dac could do dsd and when I looked into it and found Audirvana and Roon.
Audirvana was the better solution for me in the end.
For the first time I pay once and can use the software.
I also read in the Deezer forum that they would not support Audirvana.
And there is a post where Deezer users wish that and Deezer doesn’t fulfil it.
Which I don’t understand because Deezer also comes from France.
Deezer is good for devices in hardware products.
But at the end of the day it was clear.
I downloaded Audirvana and Tidal and used the trial period.
From the first minute after Audirvana set the settings, copied the playlist or Tidal offered it and then pressed play, it was clear to me that I would stay there.

It is a pity, as I have read in other posts, that Deezer is following a different path, which is why I can only say that travellers should not be stopped.
For me the whole thing was worth it in the cost me 96$ which I can live with.

I’m using Dezer HiFi, Tidal, Apple Music and Qobuz - all with the highest Level of Quality - all at least sinc 2yrs and others since 6 years. All are different from the content and strategy to add additional songs and composers. However, on Macs I’m listening with Audirvana. On Devices I’m using Sonos, Denon with Node2 from Bluesound. On earphones I’m using dedicated DACs but sometimes I’m just listening with AirPods Pro. Means I’ like music even it’s not always the best quality or solution and I’m not religious if its about technologies, vendors/products or streaming companies because I enjoy the moment when I’m listening and quality is to use time to listen to a broad offering and different styles of music.

I like Audirvana but it’s really a mess that I’m not able to connect to major streaming media i.e. to setup Apple and Deezer… and my hope is thos gaps can be closed independently if the vendors are working together or not. There is always a way and technology to make this possible to support the customers.

The fastest way to get there is to petition Deezer to open the APIs the same way Qobuz and Tidal have done. That would allow Audirvana to integrate it.

Same goes for Spotify.

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Any news for the Deezer integration ?