Adding external hardd disk

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I am trying to add an external SSD to Audirvana Studio running under Ubuntu. The SSD is perfectly recognised in the Ubuntu system, but when I try to add it in the system setup menu with Audirvana Remote, I do not see the SSD. In Linux external drives are usually found under ‘media’ (where I do find the SSD), but it’s not listed in the folder menu of Audirvana Remote.

Could someone help how I should add the SSD so that I can import my local library?

Thanks for help!

Br, Paul

Please be sure to run sudo mount -a as noted in the article before rebooting to ensure you haven’t unintentionally made an error that would leave your system unbootable.

Thanks, Jud!

Are the steps for editing the /etc/fstab file necessary?

Br, Paul

Yes, that’s what the system checks to boot up and what you make sure you’ve done correctly when you issue the sudo mount -a command.

Something’s weird here: with the command ‘mount’ I clearly see that the SSD is attached to the media folder (see first screenshot). By navigating to the corresponding directory, all files are there that constitute my library.

When I use Audirvana Remote from my iPad, I navigate to the media folder, there’s a folder ‘paul’ that should contain my ‘Music’ folder, but it doesn’t have it and it wouldn’t attach it so that I get my library into Audirvana. Strange!

Follow the complete instructions from the link. Make a directory in /mnt for your drive (mine is MyBook, for example, so the path to my music goes to /mnt/MyBook), add the appropriate entry to /etc/fstab, do sudo mount -a to be sure there are no errors, then reboot so all services are reloaded and point Audirvana to the /mnt subdirectory where your music lives.

Done all the steps described in the link you provided. Audirvana recognizes the drive, but for the life of it I can’t get the albums displayed in the remote app. Something’s really weird her. I suspect the remote app causes some problems.

What permissions does your user have to the drive and directories there? (I’m not a Linux expert so that’s the only thing I can think of, and I would need to search to find out how to grant the proper permissions, so if that is something you are familiar with or can search, you may want to do that. Your user would be audirvana or just your regular user, probably the first.)

I don’t think it has anything to do with permissions. My suspicion is rather that the format of the SSD matters. I have to play around with the formatting before I draw a definitive conclusion.

Thanks for your help!

BTW where are all those Linux hotshots around?

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For those who installed Audirvana on Linux Mint, there’s a very good video available on Youtube how to mount an external drive automatically upon startup. I followed the instructions and finally got my external SSD mounted in Audirvana in the /mnt folder. Works like a charm!

I now have Audirvana up and running perfectly well on an old, unused MacBook Air. And the sound is excellent!

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Sorry, I forgot the link of the video. Here it is

Glad you found a solution! I often run Audirvana on distributions without a desktop, so for those I have to use the process in the link I sent. Your solution is very quick and convenient for distributions with a desktop.

Your link is just as good. I need to get more experienced with Linux to use leaner, command based Linux systems. Maybe I hear a difference with minimal install Linux systems. Time will tell.

Anyway, I am truly enjoying Audirvāna running on my old MacBook Air.

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