Adding Idagio and primephonic

Any plans on adding Primephonic and/or Idagio?

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Eu também gostaria muito dessa integração

I use Idagio and Tidal - I’d be very happy to integrate Idagio. I know it is lossless only in 44.1 but nevertheless, it would be sufficient for the old tracks


+1 for Idagio integration.

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Me for Primephonic. I find their offerings more complete than Idagio.

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I like to add my vote to adding Primephonic. It has an extensive catalogue of classical albums and tracks.


Je suis également très intéressé par l’intégration Idagio !

+1 for adding Primephonic, please. Best service for Classical music…

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1+ Idagio por favor!

a vote from me too! Lots of great material in 44.1 and Idagio is a great platform for classical music.

+1 for primephonic. it so nice for classical music.

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+1 vote on Primephonic, that would made Audirvana a Perfect 10

+1 vote for Primephonic, that would made Audirvana just perfect