Adding shortcuts to Qobuz / Tidal music in local music storage

It is a really great feature to be able to mix local files and streaming tracks in AS playlists. And it is also a great and useful feature to be able to directly browse local music directories. Thank you, Audirvana for these unique features!
Some of us have a large library of local music, organized with directories / sub-directories, but also use streaming on Qobuz or Tidal. It would be nice to be able to create shortcuts to Qobuz / Tidal albums or tracks and store them directly in a local music directory.
Let’s say you have several Beethoven albums in a local “Beethoven” directory and you want to include a link to a new recording of a Beethoven symphony on Qobuz. It should be quite simple to save a shortcut to this Qobuz album (or track) at the right place within your local music. It would be similar to creating a mixed (streaming / local music) playlist, but based on the existing local music structure, rather than on the creation of new playlists.