Adding unc path to monitoring

How can I add unc-path where application would monitor music? I was able to locate folder via folder browser but it was greyed out and there was no freetext field for it.

When you click on “Network” in the folder add popup, you should see the network shares your PC can see, and then browse into them for selecting one of their folder.
Where is it blocking?

I managed to overcome this issue by creating a mapped drive. This might be a limitation of the folder select component that is used(it’s built-in). If possible it might be better to use openfiledialog and set it to select folders only. It’s somewhat more versatile than openfolder-dialog.
Even without mapping I got songs listed by adding to path to db but prefer not to do it that way. Even freeform folder entry would satisfy me.
Should removing the path remove also library item? If not what is preferred way to do that?

Opening an old thread to request ability to type in UNC paths. My music workstations don’t see all devices on my network but if I type in UNC path they show up. That’s how I do it with all other applications. Is this some limitation of UWP apps? This is the only one I’ve used so far

Hello @dsteinschneider, we need to make a test build that we would like to send you, are you ok with this?

Yes I would be happy to test it - I’ve done a fair amount of beta testing in the CRM software market to if you have any testing requests please let me know

Hello @dsteinschneider, I’m sorry for the confusion. I should asked you If you have the latest version of Audirvana as you should be able to use UNC path in the latest version of Audirvana for Windows 10.

Hi Damien,

I can browse UNC paths. The problem is I can only browse domain computers in the “Browse For Folder” pop up. The music is on a non domain computer share.

I’m making a feature request to allow the user to type in a UNC path instead of being locked into the “Browse For Folder” method.