Advantages using Qobuzw/Audivrana vs just QoBuz native Mac app?

Title says it all. Is there any real benefit streaming Qobuz through Audirvana instead of just streaming from the Qobuz app directly?

I run a MacMini dedicated to serving music. So apps like Qobuz are not competing for any other resources, I no longer maintain CD-based ripped and downloaded FLAC music library–have gone 100% to streaming.

So does it make sense to keep my Audirvana app active?


In theory, Audirvana should give you better sound. Try it out and see for yourself.

If you can hear appreciable difference you’ll know. If not, you can save few bucks.

Advantage for me is audio quality, remote via iphone, possibility of DSP, combining local files and Qobuz in one app.


On an M1 MacMini sound quality is better through Audirvāna and has the advantage of a remote. I did try controlling both Qobuz and Amazon HD using a 3rd party app such as Duet or Screens, both do the job but have their own quirks.

I can also use Airplay with my setup, which works well but Audirvāna definitely sounds better