After each use of Audirvana Studio spotlight indexing is lost!

As far as I know this icon means that the exclusive access has been claimed on the output device. Not that the SysOptimizer is active.

If @Antoine has time to see why the deactivated optimizer still affects the spotlight index?

Hi Jacob,

oh, I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the important hint.


Although the logic behind the icon doesn’t seem right. If I turn exclusive access off, the lock still indicates that exclusive access is active.

In the settings you can see whether the optimizer has become active.

Like must people I suspect I has thought that the Sysoptimise paused Spotlight and resumed it when playback finished, rather than stopping it completely and restarting from scratch. This results in it re-indexing All the Time Machine backups on my Synology NAS which takes quite a long time.

@T_A_Enthusiast ,

Even if you are with those settings you have the Spotlight indexation restarting?


Hi Antoine,

I just tested it again - and to my surprise Spotlight did not restart today. I don’t understand why there was no problem with Spotlight indexing today, but of course it’s nice to see that the problem is gone. I will continue to monitor this.


Now it’s time to listen to music and relax :wink:

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