Again no mqa

Hi Antoine,
I don’t know what happend, but the MQA HighRes Data seems not to be received or authenticated by Tidal. (Macbook-> ifi Zen DAC v2) So Tidal->Adirvana 3.5 delivers just the 44/16. Is there anything wrong with the Audirvana authentication process with Tidal?
Directly via the tidal player, MQA decoding works well. It was ok so far, what happened? Please fix it!

Yep, some here, too … See screenshot.

By the way: I noticed that the Audirvāna streaming settings list my Tidal account only as »HIFI«, while my account is »HiFi Plus« instead. Could that cause the problem?

There has been an update from Tidal to the API. Does the Tidal streaming selection list for HiFi / Max now look different than before?


So is your Tidal account HIFI or is it HiFi Plus, Jacob?

My settings view is like this:

I don’t use Tidal. This is a print screen from the internet. :wink: I also haven’t read yet how to force MQA via the API, because some users really don’t want MQA and others do.

If you search for an album, do you get multiple versions? With and without MQA?

In a lot of cases, yes.

And if you play the MQA version, you no longer get the MQA identification?

Have you already logged out and logged in again?

MQA identification is not the problem (it works), but the »quality«, which seems to be limited to 16/44,1 or 24/44,1.

Colleagues, do not deviate from the original question/request. Open a new topic related to your own subject if it does not pertain to the original topic. In my case, there is no MQA identification; the DAC is lit in white, not purple. The same happened last June. At that time, Antoine wrote this as the cause: “Tidal made a change on their end for our API access without telling us, we are waiting them to remove what they have done so that any version of Audirvāna works again with MQA on Tidal.”

That wasn’t quite clear in your opening post.

I don’t use Tidal and so I’m not altogether aware of what they’re doing, but I wonder whether since the MQA bankruptcy they no longer stream it and use hi res instead? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, but just thought I’d raise it.

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Please comment if you use Tidal with Audirvana 3.5 and a Mac with an external DAC. Currently, I only receive music with MQA marking in a resolution of 16/44.1 kHz. It would be great if Audirvana could also provide feedback on whether there have been any changes regarding MQA. Are there any issues or errors?