Again too many licence


after cancelling one Licence fom the old Laptop and installing Audirvana on a new one, it happend again… activated too any Licence… i have one Licence activated on a Desktop and need another one for the Laptop

Could you pls reset?

Many THX

Hello @Phacki, I removed your computer in our database. You can now use Audirvana up on two computers :wink:

THX a lot for your quick help.

Hello @Antoine, similar problem here, I replaced a mac mini and now get this message regarding too many licenses on the new mac mini while in fact I only have one laptop and one desktop (mac mini, the old one has been formatted and donated). Can you please reset number of active licenses?
Thank you! Best regards Jan

Hello @jhdot, I removed you computer in our database. You can now activate Audirvana up on two computers.

Hello @Antoine, thank you very much! :+1: :+1:

Hallo Damien, could you pls reset my License in the System? too many activations…

THX Peter