AirPlay device unexpectedly disconnected

I am connecting Audirvana on my MacBook Pro to Pioneer’s network player via AirPlay, and it seems to work fine until suddenly AirPlay disconnects and reverts to the internal MacBook speakers.
Connection is by WiFi via a Synology Router connected to a Synology NAS HDD where my high res music folder is located.
Does anyone have a similar and problem, and if so are there any recourse to it so that AirPlay’s device connection is not lost?

You can try to wire both the Mac and the Pioneer just to test if the issue is network related. If it works without the interruptions while both devices are connected via ethernet cables, you’ll know that the issue is related to WiFi connectivity on either of the devices.

Make sure you have the latest firmware available installed on the Pioneer.


Thank you! I hard wired the network and it works without a hitch now! So it must have been the weak WiFi signal in the living room that caused the interruptions as you suspected.