AirPlay not working


I am using Audirvana 3.5.4 On a MacBook Air and a Mac mini. I am trying to Airplay to a B&W Zeppelin wireless which supports Airplay. When I try to do this, this is what happens:

  1. When I want to change speakers, it says I have to stop playing tracks before changing the speakers. Actually I have to close Audirvana and re open it to be able to change the speakers.

  2. I cans see Zeppelin in Network speakers section, and I can choose it. But when I hit the play button, It changes to pause (like it is playing) and it loads the track, but does not play the track and the track meter stays a o seconds (like it does not start playing). Audivana freezes and I have to restart it.

  3. when I am doing this, iTunes is not running. So Airplay is not used by another program.

  4. This happens both in MacBook Air and Mac mini.

Would you please help,



I am seeing a similar issue when playing to a Raspberry Pi running Volumio. Everything plays normally when I play to the DAC on my Mac Mini. I am also running 3.5.4. Everything worked fine with the various 3.5 Betas I ran.

At this point, I’ve run out if ideas on anything else to try…

I was able to resolve my issue (although the solution doesn’t make sense):

  1. I tried playing a file on the Raspberry Pi through Volumio and had no issues
  2. I tried playing from Audirvana over my network to a Marantz receiver and had no issues
  3. I tried playing from Audirvana to the Raspberry Pi again, and it is working fine

It doesn’t make sense to me, but, maybe this can help someone else.

I posted too soon. The above fix allowed me to play one track of a playlist, then play stopped. I played the next track, then the next track loaded, played for 1 second then stopped (as I was seeing before).


Thanks for reply. If I choose Zeppelin Wireless under output device in Mac (I click on speaker icon in the Mac menu on top right) and then click on speaker icon in Audirvana, there are two Zeppelin wirelesses, one under DAC section and one in the network section. And if I choose the one under Dac section, then it does play through Zeppelin with airplay. however I don’t think it should be like this.