Airplay to multiple speakers?


In the FAQs for Studio it states, "Audirvāna Studio can stream to an Airplay compatible device.

If you have a Mac of a mid-2011 model or newer, you can simply select “Airplay” as an audio device in the Audirvāna Studio preferences on the Audio System page.

Otherwise you can use a third party software like AirFoil for doing that."

My question is, if you have a mid-2011 model or newer (which I don’t, but may wish to buy if the answer to the question is, “yes.”) can you select multiple speakers as the output? I have two sets of speakers that have Airport Expresses plugged into them (as well as the speakers of my main system, which my DAC is hooked up to) and I am wondering if I can select all three outputs at one time so I can play audio from my DAC and also stream wirelessly via Airport to both the speakers with the Airport Expresses. Also, I would like them all to be in sync, of course. Is this an option, or is it an either or (where only one set of speakers can be selected for output). Please let me know.


One output only, I believe.

Shoot. OK, thank you.

Use Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil. Open Airfoil and select Audirvana as source. All your airplay devices should become available to send sound. In the Airfoil app is a fine tune setting for syncing playback as well as an equalizer.

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