Airplay when using Windows & Audirvana?

I am currently running the demo version of Audirvana to find out if it’s something for me.
I am running it on a Mac but if I decide to buy it I’d like to run it on a headless Windows PC.

So now I have a few questions:

  1. how do I switch to airplay devices using the Ipad app if runnging Audirvana on a Mac
  2. and how would I do this if using a Windows PC and again using the Ipad app

I am just asking because I find it quite inconvenient to select the airplay device using the Mac itself ( through the volume control ).

Thanks a lot for your answers.

First turn on your Airplay device and let it initialize, then select Airplay for audio output on your iPad like this
Then launch Audirvana on the Mac, click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your Audirvana display and you’ll see Airplay on the list of available outputs.
Sorry can’t help you with your question about Audirvana running on a Windonws PC, always use a Mac. - cheers

Thanks for your help, TomJ.
Sounds a bit inconvenient…

Hmm…not much going on here.
Seems quite difficult to answer how to stream to airplay devices using audirvana for Windows.