Ajouts recents smart playlist

Hello, i have noticed, sine a few versions, the default smart playlist « ajouts recents », does not work properly.
It seems to misinterpret the field « date added ». It sometimes shows me the truely recent adds’ but after a couple of hours, it replaces them with tracks recently PLAYED and also random tracks.
Any idea where this could originate? I use a synology NAS With raid 1 config on 2 hdds

Up! Personne? No one?

When i right click my recents playlist, i have those settings for the last 30 days… working fine here.

What if you change to 1day, keep it for a few days and see if it behaves as it should. Mine shows me tracks that i have not added recently, but LISTENED recently…

you have the same criteria as me? if i put mine at one day, nothing appears since i have not put something new… been playing songs and all is good…

you can right click it and delete it… restart Audirvana and create a new one with same name and criteria like my picts, and see…

same settings, same issues

I have deleted the whole playlist and recreated manually

same old same old …

i also have this good old problem that i moved an album folder outside of my /Music parent folder; while A was running.

Now despite several resync/refreshes … the album is still showing in my library, as a ghost … nothing will do, to de-index it …

This application is as much getting on my nerves as it is giving me moments of musical pleasure, at this point!!!


I was about to start a thread about this same issue and then discovered this post.

@danberilloux did you ever find a solution?

The same issue has just started happening with me in the last month, after several months of the “Recently Added” playlist working properly. I also have a Synology NAS. I’m wondering if playing a track does something on the NAS that causes Audirvana to view the folder with the track as changed, so it gets added to the “Recently Added” smart playlist (in the same way as adding a new folder, changing filenames, changing metadata, etc.). This never happened previously, so not sure.

Any ideas? Appreciate any suggestions.


do a right mouse click on the playlist to see if is preferences were changed…

oups didn’t read up there before :slight_smile:

hi - nope i have never found or been informed of a solution. I have been using Audirvana since it’s creation, and pretty much alway had a NAS. I have only seen this issue happen since its revolution at version 3. It feels like you are saying, that the NAS is modifying something on the file, making it look as newly added… no idea which metadata, and i’m not going to search, this is not my job.
I am surprised not more people report this issue, as many people here use a NAS. However, i think not a lot of users use this playlist…

Hi @RunHomeSlow

The playlist had not changed. Here’s how it looks (same as how it’s always been):

It does correctly include recently added albums, but as @danberilloux mentioned, it also includes all tracks/albums recently played (not just in the last day as per the smart playlist parameters, but also from the last 1-2 weeks, which is odd) and a few random tracks/album I have not played at all.

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i’ve only seen it work well, since i had to reinstall and recreate a library recently. Try install the very latest version of Audirvana, it seems to have fixed the issue (3.5.38)

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