Alac tag format (Single atom/Multiple Data)

Hello @Damien3
It should be fine Audirvana could read correctly Alac artist tag (@art) defined as Single Atom/Multiple Data, this kind of definition has the advantage to have Alac, flac, dsd treated exactly in the same way.
Audirvana do separate artists (for Alac file type, Single atom) just parsing “;;;” as separator but this is not a standard at all and this is not compatible with other sw like MinimServer.
Unfortunately defining Artis tag (@art) as Single Atom/Multiple Data cause Audirvana read it as a single string containing all artist defined separated by a “ “ and this “destroys” the search functionality in Audirvana.
Hope this functionality can be added in the near future in Audirvana (maybe as a user choice parameter)
Thank you

… any answer? …

Hello @stefano_mbp,

Actually there is no real standard for this. Do you have more information about this standard to share? (outside of MinimServer)

Thank you for your interest Damien,
as I’m a Yate (macOS tag editor) user I discussed it with Barry/[email protected] (from - Yate) and with the support of Simon Nash from Minimserver he was able to realize the change in Yate.
The ability of Audirvana to treat m4a/Alac tags in this way (Single Atom/Multiple Data ) would be really very useful for those of us using Minimserver beside Audirvana.

Here you can read what Barry realized (by his own words):
“Other than a few minor fixes the only change is in a new option which can be used to control how multi value items are written to MPEG-4 files. Yate has previously done things the Apple way and basically wrote single text items for all fields. This is according to spec. Unfortunately this causes unseemly ;;; sequences to appear in iTunes/Music etc. I’ve had a few discussions with the creator of MinimServer and made a few changes to accommodate his implementation as he doesn’t parse the separator characters in fields. The new setting is in Preferences-Audio-MPEG-4 and is called Multi value write method . The default value is Single Atom which is what Yate previously did. For any field such as Artist, Yate will write the multi value delimiter to a single ©ART atom with a single data child. This is 100% within spec. The second value is Single Atom/Multiple Data . In this setting Yate will write a multi value Artist field to a single ©ART atom with multiple data child atoms. While this is in spec I can only find a single application other than MinimServer which processes the data. Apple applications will only show the first item. The third value is Multiple Atoms . In this method Yate will write a multi value Artist field to multiple ©ART atoms each with a single data atom. This method is technically invalid. However it has a certain degree of popularity with some Windows based taggers and at least one Mac based tagger. MinimServer will read this format as well. Other applications will display the first or last item.”

So basically Yate implemented a feature which is not Apple compliant and if Apple make some change for this kind of metadata handling this could occur of a lot of issue with metadata tagging. That being said we do not see why we would need to change how we handle metadata for this specific use case so for the moment we will not implement this setting.

So this is the end of Audirvana, sorry
Best regards