Album and Track info not showing up

I decided to update from 3.5 to Studio on a Mac.
I am 3 days into the free trial
Under the LOCAL section Artists are there and all their Albums and Tracks for the artists are there.
When I click on ALBUMS or TRACKS the screen is blank
There are no filters. I have reloaded the library several times and used all the database tools, still nothing.
I have checked the Metadata and it is good
If I reopen 3.5, everything is fine.
After 3 days I just can’t figure out what is wrong

This is just a guess but if you still have both versions installed may it be creating a conflict that results in things missing from Studio? Have you tried uninstalling 3.5 to see if it helps?

II thought about that, but I don’t want to remove the stable working version during the trial period. what I ended up doing was making a separate music folder on my NAS drive and put some music in there, then I added that folder to the local library and removed the original one, reindexed, deflagrated and now everything in that folder is showing up in studio correctly.

So, maybe it has a problem with sharing the original folder with the previous version, but its working for know

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Glad you got it fixed.