Album and track totals differ

Here is a strange glitch: With the same version of Audirvana, using the same NAS to build its Library, but running on two different Macs, Audirvana reports a same total number of albums but a different total of tracks. Please see the screenshots below. Any ideas? The only other differences between the two machines is the version of macOS running. One uses Mojave, the other El Capitan. Also, how might I resolve this to find out which one is accurate (if either)?

Can you check the database integrity using the command in the Maintenance section of the preferences page?

What is the real number of tracks you have between the two numbers?

The database integrity check for both instances of Audirvana report “ok.”

The questions of which one represents the real number of tracks is the same one I asked in my original post; I simply don’t know which one is correct. Is there an efficient way to determine this? I tried opening the “tracks” view on the two instances to look for differences, but soon went cross-eyed trying to look for any as over 15,000 entries is a lot!

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