Album and Track without Metadata How To Manage

Hi, since I have .wav files without any metadata or tags stored in a Windows directory thus building an allbum how can I find it in Audirvana. Unfortunately there is no album name shown according to the hard disk directory/file structure. For me the algorithm of Audirvana Library cration is completely opaque and I cannot influence or understand this. Maybe a good manual would help.
Reason why no metadate is that I create .wav files with several tools, including audio test files.
Still evaluating Audirvana it may be preventing me to buy it. Foobar does it in an easy way what I need. Why not Audirvana?

There will be in the future folder based navigation.

Currently though, Audirvana database management is based on the metadata tags. Without it you’re out of luck, but you can always add tags to your existing files.

Thank you for this statement. How can I add tags in an easy way without grabbing each track file ?
E.g. same tag for all files in a directory with one step.

Check out Picard, but there are other tag editors on the market.

Again, thank you. Picard works perfectly for my purpose just tagging wav files. Now Audirvana recognizes the Album and I am looking forward to buy a license when all other tests will be fine.

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