Album art front, and back

I’ve have ripped my music cd’s with front and back album art in the file. It would be nice to switch between de album art with a click on it?

Greetings Wim

Hi @iWillem

I think it’s a case of whatever image you choose or comes first in file (only one I’m afraid) and it can be changed in metadata.

I’d love to be able to flick through several images, including a track list.



For now…

if you are able to create a .pdf file with 1, 2, 3… pictures, like with acrobat pro (not free, surely there is free apps that do that) and name it booklet.pdf you will be able to see the cover follow by the back…

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Yes… That is correct. However, the excludes sny kind of booklet that can be downloaded.

Good idea though.


Not sure to understand you, any pdf file named booklet.pdf can already be read in Audirvana…

if you want to see your cover & back, just create a 2 pages pdf and put in in the folder of the cd, it will be seen, the difficulty maybe for you is to create a pdf, might be easily done for free.

here an example done in five minutes with right tool… i only have the cover… found a back on internet crop them equally then made a pdf file… put it in the CD folder and voilà… your cover followed by your back… yes would be easier done by Audirvana i know :slight_smile:

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oupss, i thought i was speaking to @iWillem :slight_smile:

Good morning,

The booklet is an idea, when you buy music and there is a booklet there is a mostly a front and a back cover in it. When there is no booklet you can make it. I’m going to look for some tools to make one.

Thanks all.

If you are a Mac person Pages works. It’s rudimentary.

But the problem really is getting the ability to swipe through the cover/rear image while having access to the booklet, if that’s what you want.

What we have now is just a hangover from the LP sleeve and the CD cover. We might have to move on.

At the moment the booklet is just a PDF of the CD and often is not aporopriate/easy to read on computer or Remote App.

Eventually the music files will include a PDF designed to suit the day.

I am on Windows. I have Affinity photo, designer, and publisher. I am trying to make a template for a album so you can use it like a book.


Hi @iWillem

If you do create a template it might interest other readers for a download.


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