Album art troubleshoot: Mac server versus local

Hi all,

I have done some homework. I understand that Audirvana reads album art that is imbedded in music files. I have a unique situation: I have my music up on a Mac server. I run Audirvana directly on the server to drive my stereo. I run Audirvana on my Macbook pro (connected to a USB DAC) for headphone listening. I have no problem accessing the shared music folders from the laptop.

Here comes the weird part: On the laptop, album art is missing from a number of albums, but when I run Audirvana on the server, all album art shows up! I have found a reason for the art not showing up on the laptop: the albums with no art contain music files that have no embedded art. I have been slowly using a tag editor to embed the art over the months. All well and good…until I started running Audirvana on the server, and I found that it has all the album art- even for files with no embedded art.

Complicating factor: iTunes is installed on both the local Mac and the server. On the Macbook Pro, iTunes is only used to access the iTunes library on the server via iTunes’ streaming. On the server, iTunes accesses all the media files locally. (Yes, I am getting ready to dump iTunes, now that the remote app for the iPhone exists).

Best I can figure, Audirvana on the server is somehow grabbing the image files from iTunes.

So am I going to have to continue to embed the art in the music files, folder by folder, or is there a better way?