Album art with a green tint

This issue is annoying the hell out of me. With the recent increase in price of Roon it’s made me switch to Audirvana but the only thing stopping me is this green tint album art issue.

Any idea on how to fix it?

Also to add, the tint disappears when playing the album on the bottom left

This doesn’t help me sir :frowning:

Hi @soigrev,

It’s really strange, never encountered this bug in the past.

Have you tried to remove the folder you synced and then sync it again?

No but I synced it again through Audirvana Origin this time and still the same issue

Have you check your screen preferences or resolution?

I have checked and nothing is different to my eyes. I’m about to repair my windows installation to see if that fixes the issue.

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The issue seems to have fixed itself with a fresh windows install. What a weird glitch. Still not sure what caused it but thanks for the reply.

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