Album Artist

I can’t find a sort option by tag “Album Artist”. Using just “Artist” lists too many redundancies when going through a personal library.

Please add “Album Artist” to Audirvana.

Do you mean this sorting? :point_down: (I took this screenshot while being on the Local>Albums section)
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 09.36.41

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I was looking in the options for a default setting.

I shall look for this which of course I hadn’t noticed before. Thanks!

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You will see this if you click on the button when you are in the LOCAL>Albums section.

What happens if the [Album Artist] tag is empty does AS use [Artist]

JRiver has a function [Album Artist (auto)] that does this

[Artist], do you mean track artist?

Yes , but in many cases in my library there is a track artist and no Album Artists as they are the same . Having to copy [Artist] > [Album Artist] would leave me with a massive BU to do. Not impossible but time consuming .

I was wondering if where [Album Artist] is empty , it can be assumed , in code, to be [Artist] by default.

Especially since AS seems to use Album Artist rather than Artist

I see, I will need to check with Damien what happen in such case.

I checked with Damien, and if 75% of the track artists are the same when there is no Album artist in the metadata, then we take the track artist. Can you check if it’s the case for you?

I’ll check some examples and report back