Album causing system wide flickering of screen

Damien -
I’m using imac (late 2015), macos 10.14.6, audirvana 3.5.19

Problem that was occurring was intermittently and without specific action, screen would start flickering in white, sometimes some colors, horizontal lines, or just stay white for a couple of seconds. This was system wide, and even continued after audirvana was closed, and lasted until the system was restarted.

After troubleshooting with Apple, we eliminated alot of possibilities. Removing all USB devices, including my external HD with the complete music library, I was still able to recreate the problem by scrolling through the library of albums in audirvana (even though they were on the ext HD that was disconnected).

Now , if I removed the library from audirvana, and just added a couple of albums on my local HD, I can’t reproduce the problem.

This leads me to believe that something in my library, either album art or some of the data, is causing this glitch to occur somehow. The only problem is I have no idea which album is causing this issue.

It has also been suggested the bug could be caused by scrolling the album art too quickly. This is also consistent with my experience.

I uploaded a video on audiophilestyle forum showing the flickering. It really looks like a hardware issue, but is reproduceable only with audirvana.

Any help would be appreciated!