Album cover art disappeared

I was having problems with Audirvana splitting an album (by a single artist) in two. I got a tip from the forum: highlight the album tracks and slightly change the album title (punctuation or spacing or something minor). For example, I changed Amy Winehouse’s album from Lioness: Hidden Treasures to Lioness - Hidden Treasures. After saving that change, the tracks are all sorted into one album, and then I corrected the album name…so solved, right? Except that, now I have no album cover art for that album. How do I get it back? (Note: it is still there in JRiver, the program I still use for ripping after I switched from JRMC to Audirvana for playback).

Hello @rafs, did you put the album cover in the album folder?

Actually, i didn’t “put” the album cover anywhere. After ripping into JRiver, I sync everything into Audirvana for playback. Albums usually simply appear in Audirvana with the correct album cover. Only this time, an album cover has disappeared after I amalgamated an album that had been split into two albums after syncing from JRMC The cover is still there is JRMC but not in Audirvana (in either Artist or Album view)

You’ll need to fix the cover in Audirvana or use an external tool to do that.

Do you know how to fix the cover in Audirvana?

Just select the album/track and on the right side you can edit the tags and add album cover. Don’t forget to save afterwards.

Yes, I see that. On the right side, there is: Title, Sort As, Artist, Cover. But Cover is just blank. How do I add a cover image to that space?

If you already have the covert art in your computer you can drag and drop it in the blank space where the cover is supposed to be

Yay! Solved! Thank you very much…

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