Album now missing from album view

I can see a compilation album in folder view but it is missing from album view. It was there before AO restarted this morning after an overnight mac OS update. I can find the album via Search but it still doesn’t appear in album view. The album is still in Apple Music and I have synched.

SOLVED. It was a metadata issue which had moved it to another part of the library. Don’t really know how it happened. It was Disk 2 of a set which was listed as Various Artists. Disk 1 had nothing. Probably a user failure, mea culpa. I can’t find a function similar to Show In Library or Show in Finder. Does it exist?

Sorry going to bed, but…

in info panel when selecting a song on the last tab, you can click show folder in the finder by clicking on the folder icon if i remember well :grinning: