Album Selection Bug


When one has selected an album and is viewing the tracks, selecting a new album from the bottom display does not go to the correct album. The leftmost album always selects the first album in sort order but the cover art shown is incorrect.

Perhaps the illustrations are intended to be ornamental?

Confirmed. I had this issue too.

For me too.This works only for the first 30 albums. Otherwise it is the first 30 albums that are always displayed when we click on the list at the bottom.
There is no artwork error, it is the first 30 albums that are displayed wrongly.

Pour moi aussi.Cela marche uniquement pour les 30 1er albums. Sinon ce sont les 30 premiers qui sont systématiquement affichés quand on clic sur la liste du bas.
Il n’y a pas d’erreur de pochette, ce sont bien les 30 1er albums qui s’affichent à tort.

For me too!