Album showing in two parts

Hello, using last Origin version - Win10 64 bits. Maxinquaye (reincarnated) - Tricky /5 disks is showing in two parts. I don’t have the problem with JRiver and MP3Tag does not show any difference (I did not find any).
In Audirvana Origin, one of the part shows Tricky - Tricky as artist. See captures.

There may be a hint in the album description next to the album cover. Tricky shows up twice in first album track list, but only once in the second.

Annoying, but helps to keep the library neat.

Yes, I underlined it in my capture. But I don’t understand where it comes from as other programs don’t show this double Tricky.

Can you look at the metadata of those albums and tracks to see any differences?


I don’t see any difference in Metadatas.

Est-ce que vous pouvez vérifier sans avoir sélectionné de piste?

Oups, désolé.

If the files in folder are separate for each track try removing cue file from this folder, or/and any other file having list of files, then re-synchronize.
If if it is one track for whole album with cue file, then check the cue file…
You’ll get over this…