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I am trying to sort appropriately the albums in my library (they are not local, but ‘pointers’ to albums in Qobuz and Tidal); my intention would be to sort them by composer, but I cannot get this result because the sorting by composer is not successful.

I wish I could edit the Title of each album (it is not allowed in AS); in this case I could set the title beginning with the name of the composer, keeping homogeneous different situations for the same composer (in the attached example, Bach is defined as “J.S.Bach”, in others it is simply “Bach”). The sorting in this scenario could therefore be achieved by “A-Z” ordering.

My library of streamed albums is getting bigger and the actual sorting functionality is not satisfactory. Any suggestion ?

(By the way, Roon allows the editing of ALL the metadata of albums, even Albums streamed, why AS cannot implement this feature ?)

Hi @Mahatma63,

When you tell your streaming albums are in your library, do you put them in a playlist or mark them as favorites?

Roon can do this because they have a copy of the database of that streaming service and store them in their database (the last time I checked, it was working this way), and thus, they can change the tracks’ metadata if they want to.

We are directly connected to the streaming service; you can’t change the metadata they send us.

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Hi Antoine and thank you.
I usually mark them as favourites.
Just to show you visually the “Bach scenario”. If I want to browse Bach albums I have to browse the entire collection to find both “Bach” and “J.S. Bach” albums:

Another example about the composer Nielsen. An album is sorted by “Nielsen”, another one by “Carl Nielsen”. How could I search them together ?

I understand the point about the database, but what could you suggest to improve the album searching mechanism ?

Thank you for your support

Please click at the top of the My Music>Album view. you should see a button in the middle of it:

Please click on it and select Composer. Is it better this way?

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No way.

I will look into this and come back to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you

Antoine, I think that the “problem” is originated in the streaming services: if the data at that level are “dirty” or not homogeneous (artists, composers, album titles), this information arrives in AS as it is. It is not your fault and I appreciate all your effort to cope with this situation.

I think too as I made some test last Friday and ended up with the same situation as yours. Unfortunately streaming services are not really to blame as they do their best since when they get the albums/tracks, it’s possible they can get different information from the record publisher…

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A possible solution could be to implement a “search” function inside My Music —> Albums in order to filter the favourite albums per composer:

select “album” from yyyy where title like “%bach%”

or specific musical instrument:

select “album” from yyyy where title like “%violin%”

or director:

select “album” from yyyy where title like “%bernstein%”

or, ideal solution, a combination in and/or of the above queries:

select “album” from yyyy where ((title like “%bach%”) AND (title like “%violin%”))

(forgive me, old remembers from the school…) :grinning:

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