Album Splitting

Deleted. Deleted. Deleted.

How did you resolve the album splitting problem? I think am experiencing the same problem. Some albums in my library are duplicated except that the tracks are split i.e. 1,2,4 in one album copy and tracks 3,5,6 in the other.

I deleted the entire music library on Audirvana and then copied all my iTunes artists folders and pasted them into the Audirvana window that synchs album by album (method 1). My Audirvana library reappeared very quickly and in correct form. A day or two later, I realized that I hadn’t checked to see if my playlists reappeared, too, so I booted Audirvana. At that point, Audirvana crashed and has continued crashing for a week. The Audirvana support team is trying to find an answer for this problem. Good luck.

Thank you for the reply. Did this problem emerge upon installing an Audirvana update? I did the recent update but also added a back-up hard drive so unsure what caused the problem. I hope they figure it out and post the solution. Good luck with your issues.

The crashing didn’t happen when Audirvana was upgraded to 3.5.0. I can’t remember when Audirvana was upgraded to 3.5.25, but don’t remember any crashing immediately afterward. I have been concerned about upgrading Audirvana for a while because my old Mac mini’s operating system is frozen at OSX 10.13.6, but trust that Damien’s programmers know what they are doing.

This morning I unplugged my external hard drive from my mac book pro. I then synchronized with my iTunes library using method 2. Albums which had been split into two now had a third copy which contained all the tracks! Albums that were single copy now had a duplicate, both contained all tracks. I then manually deleted the two split albums leaving only the newest copy with all tracks. For the two duplicates, i deleted one of them. Now my library looks correct. Problem is, I don’t know what caused the splitting in the first pace and I am worried that any future synchronizations will result in duplicates or split albums. I am also not reconnecting my back-up hard drive until I figure this problem out.

Hello @joeciof,

We use the metadata of your files to determine if they are in the same album (if the files are on the same folder, the title of the album and the name of the artist). This type of problem can occur when you rip your CD since the software you used couldn’t retrieve precisely the metadata of your disk.

@Antoine Thanks for this reasonable explanation but I did not rip any CDs. In addition, the very last time I synchronized libraries, album copies appeared that were completely intact (no track splitting). This leads me to think that possibly there exist albums with incomplete metadata on the external back-up HD which I disconnected before I synchronized this last time. Is this possible?

Your analysis makes perfect sense. What I don’t understand, however, is why the album splitting didn’t occur two to three years ago when I added most of these albums to my library. By the way, these files were not split in my iTunes library.

FYI, I have had similar experiences with video software, which worked fine for many months and then one day failed to work as before. I am amazed that audio and video software work as well as they do, but still find myself frustrated when they cease working for no apparent reason.

In version 3.5, we have added same disk folder as a criteria to group tracks in same album.
This was called by the albums “Greatest Hits” or others with same title and no album artist, that where wrongly merged.

As I explained to Joseph Cioffi, I found a workaround for the album-splitting problem. At this point, I am more concerned by the fact that Audirvana has quit working on my Mac.

Hello @Elephen,

When Audirvana quit working, do you have crash report generate by your Mac?

I sent crash data to your technicians a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, I was not able to copy the crash report that goes to Apple.