Show titles of same album but in different locations in the same album


I have titles of the same album which are stored in different places on my NAS (QNAP HS-251) showing up in Audirvana in different albums with the same album title and album cover and same other album-metadata. In the following post (Album Splitting - #7 by Antoine) this was explained by Audirvana only grouping tracks together in one album if they are stored in the same folder. Now, I do not want to change my file structure. How can I disable this feature and have tracks grouped together into the same album if their metadata matches and not need to have them in the same folder?

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Hello @Gerd, do you mean you have duplicates of this album in different places of your NAS?

Hi @Antoine,

no, I do not have duplicate files on my NAS. The same album, say e.g. Abbé Vogler: Requiem; Joseph Haydn: Te Deum, is duplicated, see the first picture below.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-21 um 23.11.08

In the first album, only the Haydn Te Deum is listed.

In the second album all the rest, the requiem, is listed.

The file "Großes Te Deum, for chorus, … " is in another folder than the rest of the album titles "Requiem in E flat major,… " etc. How can I make Audirvana show the album as ONE album? I have an ATOLL streamer, which shows the above album as one album, regardless of where the files are stored on the NAS.

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Hello @Gerd, you have two different composer in your albums one is Frans Joseph Haydn and the other in Georg Joseph Vogler. If you change the composer in the first album it will be merge with the second one.

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