Album view always resets to first album

I mainly use “album” view to choose what I will listen to. In version 3.2.18, I can scroll to the middle of my albums, click on an album to get details, then close that detail view and return to the same place I was in my albums. Version 3.2.18 even remembers where I was in the album view if I quit and restart A+. In version 3.5.24, if I click on an album to get details, I have not found a way to return to the same place in album view where I was before clicking for details. If I hit the “<” back arrow, the album view jumps back to the first album. If I click “Library” in the menu tree on the left, the album view jumps back to the first album. This is annoying enough to me that I do not use 3.5.x, but rather check back every once in a while to see if this bug has been fixed. To date, it has not been. Or am I just missing or overlooking something simple? Anybody else bothered by this issue?

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I’m certainly annoyed by it. It’s a glitch that shouldn’t have made it out of basic development, much less a full release to the consumer. And nope, you’re not overlooking anything…

MacOS, A 3.5.Bug Fix.24

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Repying to myself here I guess. Has anything been planed to fix this issue. It detracts from what Audirvana does well. And is still annoying as hell.

The issue was fixed in some previous version of 3.5.x (I am not sure what exact version). I noticed the fix probably about a year ago (or more) and started using 3.5.x instead of 3.2.x. I am currently running 3.5.43 and am very pleased with the restored feature.

I am using 3.5.43. On a Mac and STILL have this super annoying navigation problem in album or artist modes Anything new I’m missing?

Well, not sure I have much else to add. As best I can remember, I did not change any A+ settings between when it didn’t work and when it did. I would just test the latest 3.5.x version periodically to see if it had been restored, and at some point it started working again. I know that’s not helpful, but I don’t have much else to offer. I was running OS 10.12 when I first noticed the issue being resolved, but have since upgraded to 10.15 and it is still functioning properly. Hang in there.

Sorry to kick start this and fall off the map… Thanks for the replies but this glitch hasn’t been addressed as far as I can see. I’m not sure why it hasn’t, but it sure is an obnoxious programming oversight.
It would be nice to hear from the developer regarding this.

I guess like a few other “features” in Audirvana this one is going to be ignored/unresolved.

I’m actually astonished that there are so few mentions/complaints on this site. Yes, it still bugs the hell out of me. I’m now using Roon because of it but still prefer the sound in Audirvana.

MacBook Pro. 10.15.7
Audirvana. 3.5.44

Also, Audirvana has the same navigation problem using Tidal.

OK. This is different. I swear this did not happen before. When in Artist view ( album artist). If I click the tag on the far right to hide the meta data sidebar,it works ?? I usually just leave the data sidebar visible. But this seems to return to the previous spot in Library. Tidal still will not.