Album View Navigation and Playback Issue

I am enjoying the quality of music that Audirvana Studio (Mac) delivers. Most of the issues I’ve had earlier are gone after spending a great deal of time with AS. There remains just one bug I’d like to see fixed. Album view goes blank after playing a song and clicking the back button. Also, the Album view always returns to the beginning of the icon list no matter where I have navigated to. Damien3 had me upload my library’s file, but never got back with me.

If you put this in the post he will be reminded…


It is @Antoine

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Of course. Thank I’ve been here far too long. Thanks @jacob

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Hello @rolandarnold ,

I have not seen that you made the upload but the issue you describe should be fixed in the next update of Studio which will be available tomorrow if our test are ok.

Repaired. Thank you so much.