album with same name but different artist bundled together

I have noticed that albums which have the same name, but different artist, are bundled together in one album. If you search for one of the artists, it gets shown as ‘appears on’. For example, I have two albums called ‘Waltz for Debby’. One is the original Bill Evans version and the other is the Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans version. Different entry in the ‘artist’ field, but same album name. If I enter the entry of ‘artist’ also in ‘album artist’, then the 2 albums are seperated as they should be. But I have my whole CD collection digitized by this time and we’re talking about some 2000 albums, so going over all the tags again really isn’t an option…

This seems like a bug to me?!


Angelo Machils

I am having similar issues and it getting increasingly painful. All my albums look fine in iTunes, but Audirvana sees all my like titled albums as the same. For example all the albums titled greatest hits are now under one long list and are showing a single album cover. I have tried to go into the meta data tags and make changes in Audirvana but to no avail. This is now affecting how my library is viewed in Subsonic which i use for my portable device and library on the go. If anyone can help it would be great. Meta data tags all show correctly in iTunes