AlbumPlayer database importation

Hello Damien,

I would to like to know if I can import an existing database from the software Album Player


Hello @Bioz, What do you mean by importing their database? This player database and the database of Audirvana are two different things.

In album player you can create tags and lists. It’s possible to change the fields like names, year, category without retagging the files themselves. And this is what i’m looking to import. I guess it’s not possible to import as Audirvana don’t offer such features, isn’t it ?

When you do this in this software it should change the metadata of the file. If it’s the case then you will see the change in Audirvana as we use the metadata of each files. Did you made a test with a file?

I don’t think so. Anyway can Audirvana let create free tags and apply to album ?

You won’t be able to create custom tags in Audirvana since we want to stick to standard use of metadata.