Albums are not recognized.

Hello, I wanted to buy Audirvana and tried the trial version, which unfortunately only recognizes 430 of 1000 albums. I currently use Roon or Linn software to play, they recognize everything. Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

Kind regards


I assume you have added to the synchronised list the folder that contains all your music.
In Library, you have also no filter active (the Filters button top right of the list).
Switching to the tracks list view, how many tracks fo you have in total (total written in top line)?

Thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately I can not check the tracks anymore,
My 15 day test has expired.
I will buy Audirvana in April and then check.

hello damien,

I have bought your program now.
Also in the purchased version not all albums are recognized.

Filters are not set.
Audirvana: 436 albums 5540 tracks
Roon: 1100 albums 14095 tracks
Thanks for your help.