Albums merged with no reason and booklet not appearing

OK, I create a new thread, as I found yet another example of albums merged without notice and without reason.
Album title are indeed identical (“Bruckner: Symphony No. 7”) but all the rest is entirely different.
I managed to find the new album merged with an old one and identified as “disk 1”. I updated the album title for all tracks and the new album is now identified as a separate album.

I had to manually change the image
There is a pdf booklet but I could not associate it to the new album. How is it possible to add a booklet to an existing album?

Thanks for the update.

Hi @patifr,

Adding the pdf file to the folder where the tracks of the album is stored is not enough?

Hi Antoine,

Apparently not. After I managed to update the metadata and make that album a new one in the DB, I thought it was enough to add the pdf booklet in the folder and let AS do the rest.
When i do that, AS starts the synchro with the updated folder but at the end the booklet is not there. Are there any constraints on the pdf file itself for it to be imported in the library?

Ok, interesting. I tried again this morning by first deleting the pdf file in the folder and add a new one from the source folder (located on another drive). And it works!
Maybe it’s necesseray first to remove the file, let AS makes the sync, and copy a new version?

By the way, that does not explain why in the first place there was a merge of albums when only the title was identical. Is there a trick to avoid this?

Someone send us a request like this earlier last week, we are on the case, maybe this will fix your issue too.