Albums not sortable per artist


Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.28 (3558) on Mac
In the preferences you can define how albums are sorted. It’s possible to choose the “album artist” but not the “artist”, wich differs in classical music. Can you please add this option?

Thank you

@o99, you don’t have the Artist in the sorting option of Albums, you only have Albums Artist. Is this the sorting you wanted?

Hello Damien

I only have Album Artist (e.g. Wiener Philharmoniker) and I would like to sort by Artist (e.g. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). Is that possible?

Thank you

In the case you describe Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the Composer and you have a sorting option for it.

I sort my tracks in the following manner:
artist is for classical tracks the composer and for pop the band name
abum artist is the orchestra which plays the track; I don’t set it for pop songs
composer is the composer: for pop songs I don’t set it normaly, exept for coverband tracks

That’s why sorting by composer works good for classical tracks but not for pop tracks. Sorting them by artist would solve the problem.

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