Albums sort by Most Played

Future Request: I would love to be able to sort albums by most played.

I also use Roon and this is the main way I like to sort albums, as over time my favourite albums rise to the top which makes them easier to locate and play.

Hello @Mystic,

Have you tried to create a smartplaylist and put this sort criteria first?


Hi Antoine,

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in album view, only in track view.

You can also add albums to your favorites.

Click on the Heart icon when you have the album opened up. It will then get added to your My Music → Albums on the menu on the left side.

As is my example with Jarre’s Chronologie album. This works for local files, but also for albums from either Qobuz or Tidal.

I do this as well. I am a Tidal and Roon user as well which I fav Tidal albums just to add to my Roon library for future listens, not necessarily really a fav album, but in Audirvana I have over 1000 albums favs that aren’t really. If there was a way to separate local from streaming fav albums, this would help.

The metadata for the number of plays is only in the track, not in the Album metadata.

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